Getting Started with

With you can get started with your next email marketing campaign in seconds. Follow the simple instructions below to get registered and setup your account in just a few minutes. You will need your email and company or brand name to begin. makes email marketing easier than ever before! Simply sign up, grab your credentials from the welcome email and you are on your way to the beginnings of a successful email marketing campaign. Enjoy continuous support, a free trial of up to 1,000 deliveries and easily customized delivery options when your trial ends.

Getting started is easy! By clicking Start Now in the center of the homepage you will be prompted to enter your email and company name. Afterward you will receive a welcome email at the email of your choice at sign up. Simply use these credentials to login and get started with your first campaign today!

  • To begin go to and click start now in the beginning of the page.
  • Next you will need to enter your company name and email address.
  • In just a few moments you will receive conformation of your account creation. Please check the email you provided for your login details



  • You can also choose another delivery plan from the Pricing page and the plan name will change accordinglyCapture4
  • Now you will be able to login to via the login menu to begin creating your personalized campaigns


  • After logging in you will see your dashboard and be able to begin setting up your first campaign and importing your CSV.